Thursday, March 3, 2011

what is helpful what is not

Picked up the ILL's and was so happy to find that the length of the manageable for the time frame I have to read them in and that as I had hoped the text's were in English (HORRAY). At the same time I keep thinking what am I missing out on by not being able to read French. So far the google alert for fleur-de-lis has not been of value because the only alerts I receive have been the responses or comments I have received from member of the capstone I class :( I saw another sighting but it was not something I could scan into the computer to post. It was a hat someone was wearing on campus, not a baseball cap but more of a taxi driver English cap which was one solid color although I cannot remember what that was now. I am not really sure how to go about this sighting. On the one hand it seems simple enough just take a picture on the other I think I need to get the subjects ( persons) permission first and I think I need some sort of consent form but am at odds with that process. What if I look like a tourist carrying around a camera all the time to "get the picture?" Another dilemma is that I really want to take pictures to add to this sightings journal but what if the image I am capturing happens to be located on the back pockets of a persons jeans (awkward)?

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