Friday, February 18, 2011

Googling Fleur-de-lis

During the past week I have spent some time googling and skimmed through about six pages of the ten or more pages of results. I have learned which words to enter to limit my search so that I will not be sifting through so many medical proceedures that involve the fleur-de-lis. Through the google scholar I have come across two books which I am in the process of recieving through an inter library loan (ILL) with the UVU library (which by the way is free.) I have also found a few articles, which I am reading through while I wait for the ILL's to come in, on a search under art, film, and theatre listing of the article search available on UVU's library website. Through reading some of these articles I have learned that the fleur-de-lis image predates Louis XIV, who reigned during the sevententh century, and shows up during the twelth century and possibly earlier. The fleur-de-lis image appeared on french coins at one point and I have been given a lead to look into heraldry which will take this search further.


  1. Terrific Misty,

    now be sure to annotate each source and identify any crosslinking with other sources, any queries the source raises for you, and any avenues for you to pursue either in the form of references to additional sources or as sub-topics you might want to research further.

  2. Misty,
    you've done the best job of all commenting on other blogs.
    And it seems like you're following your googly nose in intelligent ways.
    What you're looking for is some kind of thread that you can weave into an intelligent essay. So keeping broad at this point is important. Collect everything, discarding as you get your first sense for the thread and then looking for more with that focus.