Thursday, February 10, 2011

wall or fire hydrant of information on the fleur de lis

I in some ways have hit a wall in that I cannot find any books that directly confront the image of the fleur de lis but I can find books about Louis XIV and some of the artisans who created an image of power for him. Also books about the impact of visual images.

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  1. By the way, I found this, and thought I would tell you because you were told you spelled it wrong:

    "The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" (sometimes spelled "fleur-de-lys") is "flower of the lily."

    I am looking through the library database right now trying to find some articles that might be useful for you.

    Here is one about iconology, you might want to study up on this, it might help your evaluation of the fleur de lis. I just searched "French iconology in JSTOR:

    Another suggestion I have is to research the significance of the lily itself, through different cultures and mediums, be it images, poetry, decoration, nature. Why is this particular flower attractive to humankind? does it have any medicinal uses? Is it merely decorative or also utilitarian?

    I would go on the library database and go through many of the database options, those having to do with art, botany, academics etc. and search fleur de lis, lily, french iconology etc. and things will come up. I have been looking and there will be articles you can pull from, even if they don't completely center around your topic.

    Good luck!!