Monday, February 28, 2011

A story

Drew asked me a good question about how I originaly became interested in the Fleur-de-lis
Initially I thought that the Fleur-de-lis was a print makers trademark and at the time I was taking some courses on printmaking and felt part of that heritage. One afternoon while shopping I came across a hair stick which I thought was elegant and refined I purchased it thinking how strange it should be that a print makers trademark should be duplicated as a hair pin not at all what it was intended to represent.Later I took an art history class which covered Renaissance up until the present day. In class we came across a portrait painting of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud.Depicted on the kings cloak were fleur-de-lis in multitudes.Now that I had encountered this image a couple of times I became more aware of it and started seeing it everywhere. Images like the boy scouts emblem and clothing worn today so I became interested in this images resurgence/revival and the repetition of the image itself. I wanted to find out how it started and what it really meant but now I am lost in a maze of fleur-de-lis and I am not attempting to discover its origins but rather how it is used.
After class today and after Drew asked me that question I was reminded of why I choose this topic. My approach so far has been to fulfill requirements but I want to change that and get lost in research and find out what I can . So I was thinking that if I approached the blog differently and treated it more of a daily account of my progress i might stop thinking of this topic as a class and more of an antedote to satisfy my curiousity I would move further along. So far I have no google alerts with regards to the fleur-de-lis image. As far as sources I have not yet recieved the ILL's and it will most likely take at least a month for the books FrancThe Fleur de lis of the kings of France, 1258-1488 or Crowns, Cross, and " fleur-de-lis", an essay on Pierre Le Mayne's baroque epic " Saint Louis" to be found and shipped to the UVU library. All the sources I have found have been through Art Oxford Online. I need to use Wikipedia just as a starting point to find other sources and I still want to look up the lead Courtney Davis gave me on Heraldry

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